Hedge Trimming: Service for Vancouver Homeowners

Hedge Trimming: Cedar Hedges, Laurel Hedges, Holly Hedges, Boxwood Hedges, Yew Hedges and more!

If you are in the Vancouver area, then you know that we have fast growing hedges that seem to grow like crazy. If you have decided that trimming your cedar hedge ortrimming a laurel hedge is something best left to a professional, let us help you and be your annual hedge trimming professionals.

The four most common fast-growing hedges in Vancouver are all ones you are probably very familiar with:

 Emerald Cedar – Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’

Cedar hedge

Cedar hedge

Grows to 3 meters tall (10 feet). Solid green colour with quite a narrow shape. Does not have unattractive winter seed pods. One or two trimmings per year to be expected. Plant 2 feet apart. Grows over one foot per year. Does best when oriented north-south. If planted in an east-west line, the north side will be shaded out and get thin over time. Needs sun for best look.


Brown’s yew – Taxus media ‘Brownii’

Yew hedge

Yew hedge

Grows to 2.5 meters (8 feet). Broad columnar tree with upright branches. If you have a shady area this is a great hedge plant option. This male variety does not produce seed pods which are toxic. Requires little maintenance with 1 trimming per year once grown. Plant 1.5 to 2 feet apart.



English LaurelPrunus laurocerasus

English laurel hedge

English laurel hedge

Grows to 5 metres (15 feet) if not trimmed. Deep green colour with shiny, reflective broad leaves. The English Laurel hedge is an excellent option as you can keep the laurel hedge at any height. This fast growing hedge grows in average soils and does well in sun or shade. Considered a fast-growing hedge with up to 2 feet per year of new growth. Plant 1.5 feet apart.


What you get with your Hedge Trimming Service:

  • landscape technician trimming laurel hedgeProfessional service
  • Commercial machines
  • Detailed, tidy clean up of clippings
  • All debris removed from your property
  • Uniformed landscaping staff
  • Trained horticulturists, landscape technicians and certified arborists working on your property


Benefits of Hedge Trimming:

  • Keep your hedges clean, tidy with straight lines
  • Train hedges to grow how you want them
  • Keep unwanted growth away from house walls, eaves and gutters
  • Prevent hedge from getting too wide with regular service

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