Bark Mulch

Make your Garden Look great! You will love it and your neighbours will notice! Bark mulch and boxwood hedge installation in Vancouver gardenHigher Ground Gardens can install bark mulch in your garden beds as part of a garden clean up.

Bark mulch saves you time and money:

Mulch keeps the weeds down so you don’t have to maintain your yard as often:

  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Keeps soil moist and plants greener
  • Keeps landscape appearance clean
  • Natural fertilizer for plants

Save yourself money and make your garden happy and beautiful.

bark-mulch-allley-drop-Looking for delivery service? We recommend:  Serving Metro Vancouver Call 778-928-7645 for bulk delivery dropped in your driveway or back alley.

Choose from super high quality garden topsoil, brown decomposed bark mulch, orange mulch or lawn soil.

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