FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring any gardener, it is important to make a garden checklist of the services you’d like to have taken care of for you. You may decide that you want your garden beds cleaned up five times per year and hedge trimming two times per year. Once you know what you want done you can communicate it and ask for an estimate to be created for each of the requested garden services.

There are many gardening services to think about including spring and fall clean ups, pruning of plants and small trees, garden bed weeding, which areas need to be cleared free of debris, which garden beds need topdressing with mulch, as well as hedge trimming and pressure washing. Some properties also require repairs or renovations to paver stone pathways, flagstone patios, fences and decks.

List of Common Questions Asked by Homeowners:

Q. How long have you been gardening for?

Answer: Jessica is a trained Horticulturist and has been working in the industry for 18 years. Christian studied landscaping in Germany and is a Certified Landscape Technician through Douglas College, and has been working in the industry for 15 years..

Q. What kind of training do you have? How well trained are your other staff members?

Answer: We are either professional horticulturists or certified landscape technicians.

Q. Will the same person that does the estimate be doing the work? In my experience, they are often different people and the work is never completed as I requested.

Answer: Yes the person doing the quote will be on location during the actual work.

Q. How much will it cost? What do you charge per house?

Answer: There are a few options for pricing. Most jobs are estimated using a set price for the completion of the work. For example, a hedge trimming service would cost $680.00 per session for an average sized Vancouver yard. We are in the $72.00 per hour range depending on the services required.

Q. When will you come and do the work?

Answer: We will provide you with the next available time slot to have the work completed or on a date that best suits you.

Q. How do you accept payment?

Answer: We happily accept cheques and Interac e-transfers.

Q. Will you take all the debris away with you?

Answer: Yes, on a spring or fall clean up we will remove the materials and transport them to the city waste transfer station. Your yard will be left free of debris. With all hedge trimming projects we also remove all cuttings.

Q. How will I receive an estimate/invoice?

Answer: We will e-mail the estimate and or invoice to your provided e-mail address on file. If required, we can print a copy and mail it to you.

Q. How will my estimate be broken down?

Answer: The estimate will be broken down into sections outlining provided services such as “Plant installation $288.00”, or “Hedge trim perimeter hedges $425.00”. Each service will be accompanied by a description of the work as well as the cost to have the work completed.

Q. What services do you provide?

Answer: We provide gardening services such as:

  •  weeding
  • pruning
  • hedge trimming
  • tree pruning
  • spring clean ups, fall clean ups, and summer clean ups too!
  • bark mulch installation
  • plant installation
  • garden design
  • on-going garden maintenance and lawn mowing
  • hedge installation
  • garden renovations
  • fence building
  • deck construction
  • paver stone, flagstone patio and pathway installations
  • pressure washing

Q. How can you improve my lawn?

Answer: We can set up a 3 to 4 time per year fertilizer program that will greatly improve the nutrients available to the grass plants. We also provide topdressing and overseeding for lawns.

Q. How much time will it take?

Answer: We do our best to make sure 95% of the jobs are completed within 1 day, otherwise we will give you a specific time frame.

Q. What exactly is included in the price?

Answer: The bottom price covers all labour, plants and mulch, materials, delivery fees and taxes (GST).

Q. Do you set up vegetable gardens?

Answer: Yes we do set up vegetable gardens. We build raised vegetable gardens usually built to 6′ x 4′ using a Fir or Spruce wood. We fill the frame with high quality vegetable garden soil and you are instantly ready to plant your new garden.

Q. Can I get a reference?

Answer: Yes you can get a reference. Please contact us if you would like to see examples of our work or to speak with one of our current clients.

Q. Do I have to be at home in order for you to do the work?

Answer: No you do not have to be at home as long as you have explained your requirements to the sales person, we are capable of taking care of the work.

Q. Are you insured?

Answer: Yes we have commercial liability insurance.

Q. Do you have WorkSafeBC (formerly WCB) coverage?

Answer: Yes we are in excellent standing with WorkSafeBC and pay insurance premiums for all of our employees.

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