Hedge Installation

Installing a new hedge on your property

A hedge can add a wonderfully warm feeling and sound dampening to a home’s garden, often softening areas or providing privacy for your family’s garden and yard.


New boxwood hedge – 3 feet tall and instantly full and beautiful

There are a few things to take into account when you are planning to install a new hedge:

  • Amount of sunlight the intended planting area receives ?
  • How tall do you want the hedge to eventually be?
  • Coniferous (cedar) or Broadleaf (Laurel)?
  • Budget for the installed new hedge?

In Vancouver there are many options but we can safely say that Laurels, Cedars and Yews are the most popular hedges installed and that is because they each serve a purpose.

We like to make sure that the best hedge is chosen for your garden and your end result. As all of our hedge installs are 100% guaranteed to establish the hedge plants are treated with Mycorrhizae, before planting which greatly reduces the strain of the planting and allows the hedge to establish much faster.

Depending on the size of plant you install it could take many years for the hedge to reach its desired height. We can decide on what your budget will allow with regards to which heights of plants we can buy.

We can also rent a watering system to assure that your new hedge is being watered enough and establishes properly with minimal attention from the home owner.

Call us for an estimate at 778-323-1502 and once we have reviewed the property we will provide you with a list of all possible hedging options for your yard.

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