Vegetable Beds

Grow your own vegetables.

Installed raised vegetable garden beds:


Cedar raised planter box, vegetable garden container

Cedar raised planter box 3 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep

If you have grown your own vegetables before you know how great it feels to eat what you grew in your own garden for dinner. Growing your own vegetables is exploding as a trend in Vancouver as raised vegetable gardens pop up everywhere, because they are so easy to use and efficient.

We are here to make the step of growing your own vegetables much easier:

  • We will level the area where you would like your vegetable garden installed.
  • We will install an 18 inch tall bed that is 6′ feet long by 4′ feet wide raised planter bed, made from cedar wood.
  • The raised planter bed will be capped with a 6 inch, mitred bench top
  • We will then fill the frame with high quality vegetable garden soil that is high in organic matter.

It is important that the area you select as your vegetable garden receives as much sun as possible, ideally a minimum of 6 hours per day, with 8 hours being ideal.

The cost of one 6′ by 3′ planter bed is $980.00, including all materials, soil and labour.

Cedar raised vegetable garden planter box

Cedar raised vegetable garden planter box and wood fence trellis