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Mulch for weed control and low maintenance beauty
Mulch can provide many benefits when used in a garden. Mulch covering on a garden bedAdding mulch is one of the easiest ways to beautify the space and greatly reduce maintenance costs. Using mulch is very much back in fashion.
Mulch is an amazing weed suppressant.
A good thick layer of mulch inhibits weeds in two important ways. By greatly eliminating light the weeds need to grow, and by not allowing seeds to come in contact with bare earth.
Mulch helps soil retain its moisture.
A mulched garden enables moisture to stay in the soil which in turn leads to healthier plants. Plants that have a consistent level of moisture are much less likely to become stressed, which means that plants will be much more resistant to disease and insects.
Mulch for a clean finish
A mulched garden that is free of weeds just looks pleasant, and not only that, can smell great as well.

Mulch varieties to choose from (available to Vancouver homeowners):
Hemlock Mulch
“The cream of the crop!” A finely ground, predominately hemlock bark mulch. Orange – reddish in color, with a wonderful woodsy scent.
Hemlock Blend A small amount of hemlock, mixed with spruce, pine and fir. Has a nice orange, brown finish.
Dark Pine A blend of slightly aged pine and fir, ground to a medium texture, that has an attractive, rich brown color.
Black Forest A very dense and heavy aged pine, that has a dark, rich, black look that won’t fade as quickly as fresher materials. Ground to a fine texture, almost resembling compost.

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