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New Guinea Impatiens

Finalize your annual plant display. Ordering and buying of plants takes place in mid-to late May.

Plant summer annuals. Plan on installation to take place beginning the week of May 27-31st. The Victoria Day long weekend traditionally marks the time when the weather has passed the chance of there being any frost. This is also the busiest weekend at garden centres nationwide!

Prune shrubs and trees that have finished flowering. Prune trees to control their size or modify their shape – before new buds set in for next year’s flowers. Also deadhead Rhododendrons that have flowered. This prevents seed from forming and gives you great flowers again next year. By preventing seedheads from growing you are diverting precious plant energy back into the plant’s leaves, rather than future offspring.

Apply Spring Lawn Fertilizer. Happy lawn, happy husband.

Many clients ask us “What To Do When” in the garden. If you have any specific questions or would like to see a particular topic covered, please send an email to [email protected] We appreciate your feedback. 

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