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Discover this year’s selection of gorgeous bulbs for your garden! Spring flowering bulbs are available for order now. These will be planted in Fall 2013, for a spectacular show in the spring of 2014. We have pre-selected bulbs we love, have grown in the past and know to be beautiful additions to the garden.

Be sure to let us know your selections, before the bulbs are sold out from the grower. All bulbs are high quality, large size, grown with care. Read more about bulbs, Bulb FAQ and planting tips by clicking here.

Daffodil & Grape Hyacinth bulb combo – Wind and Tide ‘Colourful Companions’

wind and tide bulbs, daffodils and grape hyacinths

wind and tide: daffodils and grape hyacinths




Early to Mid-spring blooming combination of white daffodils and grape hyacinths.

Perfect for naturalizing. Grows to a height of 14″/ 35 cm.

$10.80 per package of 30 bulbs.

NEW! Narcissi, Tulips & Hyacinth bulbs – Calypso Breeze¬†‘Colourful Companions’

calypso-breeze-comboMid-spring blooming combination of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in vibrant colours. Great for containers.

Grows to a height of 16″/ 40 cm.


$10.80 per package of 22 bulbs.





Double Late Peony Tulips – Angelique

tulip angeliqueLate-spring blooming double-flowering tulips in pale pink.

Great for cut flowers.

Grows to a height of 18″/ 45 cm.

$4.80 per package of 6 bulbs.

Darwin Tulips – City of Vancouver

tulip city of vancouverSingle late blooming tulips in pure white.

Great for cut flowers.

Grows to a height of 28″/ 70 cm.

$3.60 per package of 6 bulbs.