Hedge Trimming

Cedar, Laurel, Yew, Boxwood Hedges 

Hedge trim English laurel vancouverAs a Vancouver homeowner, you know we have fast growing hedges that seem to grow in an instant. If you have decided that trimming your cedar hedge or trimming a laurel hedge is something best left to a professional, let us help you and be your annual hedge trimming professionals.

hedge trimming landscaper professionalMany homeowners choose to have their hedges trimmed twice a year.  Hedges are pruned generally in the spring and then again in the late summer or fall depending on the type of hedge plant. If you have a laurel plant hedge, cedar hedge, holly hedge or a more formal boxwood hedge that you feel need a new perspective or artistic touch we would like to come in person to review the hedge and then e-mail you an estimate for the hedging, leaf clipping clean up and dump fee.


boxwood hedge trim vancouver shrub pruningWhen it comes down to choosing a hedge trimming company the proof is in the end product. We guarantee a great cut, with straight lines and smooth edges. The hedge clippings will disappear as our clean up is extremely thorough. You and your neighbours will be thrilled with the final result.

When you think that hedge trimming is best left to the professionals call Higher Ground Gardens at 778-323-1502.