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Q: How often do you need to trim your hedges in Vancouver?

A: Most formal hedges require two trimmings a year. Rapidly growing plants can require four to six trimmings a season (privet, English laurel). It is recommended to trim hedges on at least a bi-annual basis to encourage tight, full growth and provide a neat, well-established hedge.

Hedges requiring careful maintenance

When you are trimming a cedar it is important to know that cedars will not generate new growth from the old wood. One wrong cut and you can end up with a big black hole that will not recover. Cedars will not sprout out new growth from old wood. For proof, take a look at the large cedar hedges along Granville St. that have been topped or cut back to clear the sidewalk. Cedars, if not kept trimmed and maintained, can quickly grow beyond the point of recovery. Do not let more than 15 cm grow before hedging.

Hedges that can be hard pruned for renovation or rejuvenation

It is possible with some types of plants to cut into old wood or to cut back severely and still have the hedge push out new growth. English laurel, rhododendrons and yew will all grow from old wood. If your English laurel is out of control, too tall, or overhanging the alley – it is completely possible to cut it back to the exact shape you would like. Its dark black branches will be exposed, but after a year or two, the hedge will have grown in new glossy green leaves. Rhododendrons can also be cut down to their desired size, as can yew hedges.

With Higher Ground Gardens, your hedge trimming service will include:

  • Professional service
  • Commercial machines
  • Detailed, tidy clean up of clippings
  • All debris removed from your property
  • Uniformed landscaping staff
  • Trained horticulturists, landscape technicians and certified arborists working on your property

 Benefits of Hedge Trimming:

  • Keep your hedges clean, tidy with straight lines
  • Train hedges to grow how you want them
  • Keep unwanted growth away from house walls, eaves and gutters
  • Prevent hedges from getting too wide with regular service