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Today we installed some gorgeous shade-loving perennials and evergreens into two containers flanking a sophisticated front door. The overall look of the shade container garden was designed to create a contemporary yet whimsical look that includes lots of flowering perennials. Contrasting textures and foliage colours add to the look, while purple and white flowers tie the design together. Get the shade container recipe below.


Shade Plants from Left to Right:

  • Winter pansies in white and lilac
  • Cascade Oregon Grape (Mahonia nervosa), a spiky leaved evergreen on arching branches.
  • Tiarella Sea Foam, will bear white panicle flowers atop upright stems in summer.
  • Geranium Rozanne, a deep blue-purple flowering hardy geranium that is one of the best geraniums to be introduced in a long time.
  • Hosta Halcyon, this blue-leaved hosta is medium sized with lavendar coloured flowers.
  • Moon Bay heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica ‘Moon Bay’), a dwarf variety of a popular lacy-leaved evergreen that has bright green foliage in summer that turns to shade of rust orange in fall.