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Bark Mulch delivered for $99 – FREE tarp
SPECIAL OFFER for September and October.

Orange/ Hemlock bark mulch

Orange/Hemlock bark mulch

Top quality bark mulch delivered to your yard for $99 PLUS Get a FREE TARP! Vancouver homeowners can get this great deal.
You get one cubic yard of partially decomposed mulch that is ground to a fine texture.

We will dump the composted bark mulch onto the FREE TARP, at your home.

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Brown/ Douglas Fir bark mulch

Brown/ Douglas Fir bark mulch

You choose the colour: orange, brown or black bark mulch.

Bark mulch helps you stop weeds, keep the soil moist and naturally add nutrients to your landscape.




Black/ Pine bark mulch

Black/ Pine bark mulch

Bark mulch saves you time and money!

Forget the bag delivery mulch. It’s $149 ($50 more than this offer) AND it’s very difficult to shovel out of the bag. Plus, you can’t move the bag once it’s been dropped off. This is based on recent feedback from our clients and their neighbours.

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