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Summer Planting Instructions for Plants Grown in Containers – Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

maple-tree-in-containerOnce you get your new plants home:

Un-tie branches on large shrubs or hedge plants and stand up. This will prevent sun scalding on the underside of leaves and needles.

Plant immediately

  • Score the root mass upon removing from pot before planting. Well-established shrubs will have firm root masses when pulled out of their pots. The roots should be scored prior to planting. Scoring is the slicing top to bottom of the roots in two to four places, depending on the size of the plant. This allows the roots to move out and away from the original root ball, so that the plant will establish itself more quickly.
  • Do not allow soil, bark mulch or any other material to be any higher on the trunks than the original soil level. Any tree or shrub that is planted too deep, or has soil higher than the original soil level will suffocate and die within 1 to 2 growing seasons.

Soak thoroughly

A light watering is not sufficient. Daily overhead watering is preferred on material you are holding before planting. Planted material should be soaked at base at least twice per week throughout the growing season until dormancy in the winter months. Water more frequently in hotter weather. Root balls should not be allowed to dry out.

Fertilizer steps for newly planted shrubs, trees or groundcovers

Step 1: Liquid Plant Start
Apply a liquid transplanting fertilizer according to the application rate on label. (Many garden centres across Western Canada carry Garden Pro Transplanter 5-15-5 or a similar brand, this is what is recommended by our nurserymen).
Step 2: Granular Fertilizer
After plants have exhibited some rooting, a granular fertilization program can begin:

  • Trees. Season-long feeding: Use GardenPro Slow Release 14-14-16 or 18-6-12 at rates on the label. Spread around base of tree.
  • Shrubs. General Plant Feeding: Use GardenPro 14-7-14 (evergreen/broadleaf) or 6-12-12 (Rhodo/Azalea) at recommended rate on the label. These are best used for Trees and Shrubs in cooler conditions or low irrigation where a long-term slow release product is simply too slow. Do not sprinkle, or allow fertilizer to lie on foliage as it will cause burning.

Summer Planting Instructions pamphlet courtesy of Specimen Trees Wholesale Nursery has been edited and condensed  for this blog.