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Why prune trees in winter?

  • Prune your trees in winter is done to get good air circulation and light penetration which will then reduce diseases and help your tree to grow larger fruit
  • Cut out infected shoots and branches, remove any overwintering cankers. Leaving damaged or diseased branches on weakens the tree, causes stress and opens the plant to dying from disease and insect infestations.
  • Apply biological controls, such as a dormant oil spray in late winter to control pests such as scale. This must be completed in winter while the plant is hibernating, so that the oil spray only attacks pests, and does not burn the leaves of your trees or shrubs

Which trees should be pruned in winter?

  • Fruit trees: Apple, pear, cherry.
  • Maple, birch, and cherry or plum blossom trees before the tree’s sap runs.
  • Major pruning should be done while trees are dormant and sap is not flowing.

When should trees be pruned? 

  • Mid-January to mid-February for Vancouver properties.
  • When trees have no leaves, and leaf buds have not begun to sprout

Your Tree Pruning Service Will Include:

  • Removal of dead, diseased, damaged branches
  • Pruning to control size and growth
  • Pruning to open up canopy to improve exposure of fruit to sun and to increase overall air circulation
  • Clean up and removal of all fallen leaves, branches, including any which may be diseased

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