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Answering these questions about plant selection will be of great help in determining the overall look, feel and style of your garden. Once you’ve given some general answers to this garden design questionnaire, then you can approach your landscape contractor, or a horticulturist to help you create your ideal plant list.

Do you like a formal or informal look for your garden?

Do you want evergreen plants?

Do you want flowering evergreens, or just greenery?

Do you want flowering plants in general?

What colours do you like for flowers, foliage or branches?

What colours do you NOT want in your garden?

Do you want deciduous shrubs that lose their leaves in the winter?

Do you want ornamental grasses in your garden?

Do you want perennials? These come back every year, and need to be cut back in the fall.

Do you want easy care perennials that require no additional work? (e.g. Hosta, Heuchera, Rudbeckia)

Do you want taller perennials that may require staking? (e.g. Delphiniums, Foxglove, tall Rudbeckia)

Do you want annuals in your garden for summer colour (May to frost)?

Do you want bulbs for spring colour? (e.g. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus)

Do you want to have any hedges on your property?

Do you want plants for privacy from the neighbours, or the street?

Do you have a watering system in your garden?

If not, do you want drought tolerant plants?

What direction is the garden facing? North, South, East, West

How much light do you get on the garden? Full sun, Part-sun, Part-shade, Full shade

Are there large trees on your property, or street trees over your property?

Do you have cedars growing on your property, near the garden beds where you would like new plants?


Other questions, getting ready to plant and finishing the job:

Do you require a garden clean up before beginning planting?

Do you want to cover your garden beds with enriching bark mulch once your new plants are installed?

Another great way to communicate your wants to a landscape contractor or horticulturist is to provide them with some sample photos of gardens you love. They will be able to provide you with a professional opinion as to which style can actually be created in your garden, based on the conditions on your property.