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Late Spring Gardening & Lawn Care Tasks

'Rose Gem' Calla lily

Zantedeschia ‘Rose Gem’ Calla lily

Design your annual plant display. Have fun choosing your colour scheme and plants for this year’s annual display in your garden. For some up-to-date trend information and suggestions, read this blog post.

Lawn care: liming, weed & moss control, top-dressing/over-seeeding are all done in April when, in theory, the rain stops and you can enjoy your lawn again.

Lawn repair: following chafer damage done to your lawn by crows, raccoons and skunks. Rake out dead grass, fill in holes with a quality lawn soil blend and overseed damaged areas.

Bark mulch installation. After your spring clean is done and weeds are removed install some mulch 2-4” deep on garden beds. You will be adding nutrients, conserving water and stopping new weeds from setting in all at once!

Plant new evergreens or perennials. This is a good time of year to put in new plant material. Also, you can dig and divide perennials such as hostas if they are getting too big or you would like to propagate one that you really like.

Many clients ask us “What To Do When” in the garden. If you have any specific questions or would like to see a particular topic covered, please send an email to [email protected] We appreciate your feedback.