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Garden installation - boxwoods - river rock pathRenovate Garden Beds

Need to move plants around or divide some overgrown perennials? Early Spring is the perfect time to make your garden even more lush.

Divide Perennials

Lots of perennials love to be divided, it makes them healthier and produces better flowers. If you end up with too much plant material, consider potting up the extras and having a plant sale, or donating them to a local organization.

Perennials that benefit from being divided:

  • Any plant that is not growing at the centre, or donut-shaped
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Hosta
  • Dianthus species (Pinks)
  • Iris germanica (bearded iris) – some gardeners prefer to wait until after flowering
  • Phlox paniculata
  • Stachys species (lamb’ ears)
  • Monarda species (bee balm)
  • Hemerocallis species (day lilies)

Perennials that must be divided in fall:

  • Plants with fleshy, tuberous-type roots
  • Paeonia (Peonies)
  • Papaver species (Oriental poppies)
  • Lilium (true lilies)

Hedge Trimming

Establish a clean, tidy look with an early spring hedge trimming.

Spring Yard Clean Up 

Get the weeds out while they’re teeny-tiny, it’s much easier that way! And even better when you add a layer of mulch to a freshly cleaned garden bed. Mulch will help protect plants, provide nutrients, conserve water in summer and will be a barrier to new weed seeds.

Install a Rain Barrel.

Collect rainwater and reduce your water consumption during the drought months. Feel overwhelmed by how much water your veggie garden needs? Love a guilt-free green lawn all summer long? The rainwater collection barrel is your answer. Barrels are often available to homeowners for a reduced cost from your town or city. Get in touch with your city services and put water saving into action.

Lawn Care:

Spring lime application and moss killer

Get rid of moss so the grass can grow. Begin by applying lime to change the pH of your soil, making it inhospitable for moss and better for turf to grow in. There are different types of lime that can be used, each takes a different amount of time to take effect.

Moss killer immediately destroys the moss, turning it black, and making room for a lush, green lawn. Moss killer is a mossicide, a regulated chemical. Be sure to check your city’s rules regarding use of this product.