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Cutting established hedges

A properly maintained hedge should have a relatively light amount of growth to be trimmed in fall. This is easily done with a pair of well-sharpened powered hedge clippers. Powered hedging shears are very effective when used to cut large hedges bordering property lines.

driveway-hedge-trimmedThe first part of a hedge to cut is the top and make it level. While you are up on the ladder, a  light rake can be used to sweep off any clippings that remain on top of the hedge. They may be green now but can become unsightly when they dry up and turn brown. If you are able to follow the straight line of the previous cuts that were made, then you should be able to simply take off any short new growth that extends beyond the previous hedge trimming service.

Next to be trimmed are the sides of the hedge.

Hedges that benefit from powered hedging shears:yews-hedge-trimmed

  • cedar hedge
  • yew hedge
  • boxwood hedge
  • hemlock hedge
  • holly hedge.

Hedges that look best when the sides are pruned by hand:

  • English laurel,
  • Portuguese laurel,
  • Arbutus hedge and
  • Deciduous hedges such as spirea hedges, dogwood hedges and privet.

Boxwood hedge trimmingHedge shape: Though many Vancouver homes have hedges that are straight and square at the tops and bottoms, some may consider trimming into a more rounded shape. Rounding the top corners of a cedar or boxwood hedge maintains a formal look while creating a softer effect.

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