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Grow Food Organically in Your Own Garden

Raised vegetable garden on legs with grey wood stain Kids love to grow their own food, and plenty of adults enjoy growing vegetables in the garden. There’s nothing quite as magical as planting a seed into some rich soil and watching a plant develop and provide food. In Vancouver we can enjoy near year-round food growing. I have watched kale grow all winter. And I’ve seen leeks survive the coldest months, ready to be chopped into a hearty winter soup.

Raised vegetable gardens make growing food more comfortable. Let’s face it, it’s not for everyone to be bent over the garden beds working away in the soil. A raised garden planter is an excellent way to bring the garden up to a working height, and provide a edge to sit on.

Custom design your own raised vegetable garden. At Higher Ground Gardens we offer two types of raised garden boxes:

  1. Cedar wood raised vegetable gardens. A premium product made from naturally rot-resistant wood. Non chemically-treated wood is not pressure treated and does not contain any noxious chemicals.
  2. Spruce or Fir raised vegetable gardens with a plastic liner. A raised garden bed built around an insert prevents soil from touching softwood lumber such as spruce or fir, so your wood won’t decompose quickly. A more cost effective solution than cedar.


Higher Ground Gardens cedar raised vegetable box

Cedar vegetable box, this model is 18″ tall with a custom wood cap perfect for sitting on.

Raised vegetable garden softwood lumber plastic liner

Raised vegetable garden with plastic liner, this model is 24″ (two feet) tall