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Looking for a pressure washing service for your deck, driveway, walkways or concrete stairs?

Our pressure washing crew uses commercial machines with high-PSI cold-water power washing nozzles and surface spinners to clean your property. Pressure washing is the most effective method of removing moss, mould, mildew and dirt from your concrete surfaces.

As the gardening season finally gets under way in Vancouver, after a high rainfall winter with several snowfalls, it’s noticeably slippery on sidewalks, driveways and decks. Professional pressure washing is a service that’s usually done in one day or less for a typical residential lot in Vancouver.  The real bonus of driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning is knowing that your property is no longer a liability to you. Slippery surfaces can easily lead to falling accidents, and this year is no exception.

Just last week, I was backing our truck down an inclined driveway and noticed my front wheel was slipping. I carefully applied the brakes and parked near the client’s house. The driveway was so slick with moss and mildew that had built up over winter that one of my front wheels couldn’t even gain any traction on the concrete pavers in the driveway. What a dangerous situation! Every day, the family drives their cars in and out of the property, taking kids to school, and risking an accident. Pressure washing the driveway with a high-PSI cold water system, such as the one we have, would leave the driveway clean and clear.

In addition to reducing liability on your property, pressure washing increases your curb appeal. Thinking of selling your home? Driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning can add value to your final sale price. You can also curb costs by cleaning decks. Surface mould and mildew left on wooden decks gradually breaks down the decking material. Pressure washing every one to two years helps to save you money on deck repairs in the future.

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