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Three Ways To Get Rid of Moss In Your Landscape.

Moss on the pathways.

As the spring garden clean up season gets under way in Vancouver, after a high rainfall winter with several snowfalls, it’s noticeably slippery on sidewalks, driveways and decks. Professional pressure washing is a service that’s usually done in one day or less for a typical residential lot in Vancouver.  The real bonus of driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning is the knowledge that your property is no longer a liability to you. Slippery surfaces can easily lead to falling accidents. Pressure washing is the fastest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way of getting rid of moss and mildew on sidewalks and patios.

Moss in the lawn.

An application of moss killer during your early spring garden clean up will help reduce moss in the lawn and make room for grass to grow. If you want a lush, green lawn, then it is necessary to remove competing moss from turf areas. Changing the pH level of the soil your lawn grows in helps to eliminate moss. Adding lime reduces the acidity of your soil. Choose rapid lime or dolomite lime for fastest results.

Moss in the garden.

Remove patches of moss by lifting out the entire patch using a trowel. Moss propagates quickly when it is chopped up into small pieces and spread about. So don’t be tempted to cultivate it into the soil and rake it around. When moss is growing in the garden beds, it is a sign that the pH level of the soil is on the acidic side. Use moss as an indicator to let you know when you need to add lime, composted bark mulch or composted manure to your garden or lawn. Added lime and nutrients neutralize the soil’s pH level, creating a more hospitable growing environment for plants, not moss.